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  • Powerful eCommerce shopping cart
  • Easy to use
  • Fully customizable store design
  • SEO friendly
  • Secure shopping cart
  • 30 days free - no credit card needed - cancel any time
  • Low prices
  • No hidden fees; transaction fee is 0%
  • Free domain registration and renewal
  • Free eCommerce hosting
  • Helpful and friendly tech support

What is BoostBear?

BoostBear is easy to use eCommerce shopping cart that allows you to create your eCommerce online store, manage your orders, attract traffic and much more.

With BoostBear you can build a fully customizable SEO friendly eCommerce online store with secured one page checkout.

BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart is using templates engine to build pages. It allows you to create a template (any number of templates) and use it to build any number of pages. In the future, if you need to change your pages, you will need to apply your changes only once - to the template. When template is changed, all pages will be changed accordingly.

BoostBear news

2013.10.02 - Finally, easy to follow manual on how to create your eCommerce store is here!
The store sample can be viewed here (login: "guest", password: "123abc"): SimpleBookStore.
2013.08.02 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.1.2 has been released!
The following new features were implemented:
  • Daily backups to a different server. Backups are always a headache. Make sure you always have your own backups.
  • Change price and inventory instantly (no generation needed).
Full list of BoostBear features.
2013.07.13 - It is a summer time! I am working on new features and will release them soon.
2013.06.10 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.1.1 has been released!
New improved shipping rules.
The following new features were implemented:
  • XML sitemap. You don't need to do anything - BoostBear will build it for you and will keep it current.
  • Added new user role: "webmaster and SEO". User with this role will be able to change templates and SEO settings of the shopping cart.
Full list of BoostBear features.
2013.05.25 - We have 50 clients! Client #50 got BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart for free for 2 years! We are celebrating and are giving away to all our current clients additional month for free! Enjoy!
2013.04.22 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.1.0 has been released!
Bug fixes.
Spent a lot of time speeding up user interface. Still a lot of work to do. My goal is to make BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart really easy to use
To order BoostBear, click order BoostBear. We have good discounts!
2013.03.30 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.0.2 has been released!
The following new features were implemented:
  • Unlimited number of product properties. You name it: SKU, MPN, ISBN, SKU-2, ...
  • Product statuses: "Active", "Call to order", "Discontinued", "Not enable to order".
Full list of BoostBear features.
2013.02.13 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.0.1 has been released!
Mostly bug fixes.
I have also speed it up a little.
We are welcoming new clients! Contact us to get better pricing.
2013.01.28 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.0 is here! All the scheduled tasks were completed. All the clients who preordered BoostBear were sent an email with up to 6 months free BoostBear. To order BoostBear, click order BoostBear.
2012.08.16 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart development process is on schedule... Templates engine is 65% completed. Generation engine is 23% completed. Admin's engine is 20% completed. Should be done at the beginning of January 2013.
2012.06.11 - BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart development process is on schedule... Admin's easy to use and secure user interface is completed. Templates engine is 44% completed. Generation engine is 10% completed. Admin's engine is 15% completed.
2012.03.20 - is launched; BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart 2.0 will be released on the 28th of January 2013. Only 10 months left... You can preorder BoostBear eCommerce shopping cart now and get 6 months for free. Read more about BoostBear release date...
Our website was created by a web development company WebSoft Depot from San Diego. Good job!
2012.01.17 - we are going to launch new website - in March for the new public version of our eCommerce shopping cart - BoostBear 2.0.
2011.09.27 - eCommerce shopping cart (public name "BoostBear") version 1.92 is released.